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how to style your wig


Wigs are having a big moment right now, about the best wig styling and I’m not sure why that hasn’t happened earlier. Consider this: Wigs are incredibly flexible. You can shave, curl, or tint your wig to match your mood, depending on the style you prefer.

Wigs are also a great protective style choice, as they shield your natural hair from harm while also allowing you to play with a variety of looks. However, there are a few ground rules that must be developed before you put on your wig.

That’s why I asked Brittany Johnson, a Mayvenn Hair hairstylist, and senior content manager, to show us how to style a wig without ruining our natural hair.


What’s The Difference Between A Wig Made Of Fake Hair (Synthetic) & One Made Of Real Hair (Human Hair)?


Human hair wigs are more costly, but they look (and feel) more natural, are suitable for heat styling, and can last at least a year if properly cared for.

Synthetic wigs don’t look as natural as human hair wigs and can’t normally be heated styled (more on that below), but they’re much less expensive and need less grooming.


Is It Possible For You To Style A Synthetic Wig?

You can read the wig manufacturer’s label before using a flat iron or curling wand near your silicone wig. The thing is, while wigs are often sold as plastic, they’re really made up of a mixture of human and synthetic hair, allowing for low-heat styling.

A full silicone wig, on the other hand, is usually not something that can be styled with hot tools. They normally come with preset looks that are embedded in the silicone fibers of the wig, making it very difficult to change the look without destroying the wig, she says.

When it comes to styling your hair, human hair wigs offer you a lot of choices. Remember to handle these wigs as if they were your own hair.

Before using some heated tools, spritz all over with a heat-protection wipe. To keep your look intact for long,  remove your wig at night and setting it on a wig head (or laying it flat in a silk or satin bag).


Is There Something You Can Do Before Styling Your Wig?

To be honest, making your human hair wig ready for styling isn’t all that different from getting your own hair ready. The first step is to ensure that the wig is fully detangled. Detangle all knots and tangles with a detangling brush. Pro tip: When cleaning, start at the ends and work your way up. This would ensure that you don’t get a lot of breakages.

After that, a light leave-in conditioner (to add moisture) and a heat protection spray would be applied (to protect your wig from heat damage). If you want to use as few ingredients as possible, We suggest searching for a hydrating and protecting two-in-one package. Johnson recommends wearing a wavy or curly wig.

If the wig is wavy or curly, applying a curl-enhancing leave-in gel and air-drying it or using a low-heat blow-dryer and diffuser. This will aid in the creation of a well-defined texture.


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What Are The Best Techniques And Materials To Use When Styling A Wig?

If you’re working on a human hair wig, you can use whatever hot tool you want. However, you should try to avoid continuously heat-styling your wigs because too much heat will cause harm.

When it comes to washing day, avoid the blow-dry and instead air-drying the wig wherever possible.

You should stay away from silicone-based products (especially when it comes to cleansing) to avoid accumulation (which, for the record, can make it harder for the hair to hold on to moisture, leaving your wig looking and feeling hella dry).

However, if silicone is present in your preferred gel or styling substance (you know, the one you really can’t do without).

Is It Possible To Do An Updo With A Wig?

Yes, but it depends on the wig. Ready-to-wear, lace front, 360 laces, and full lace wigs are the four styles of wigs available. If you want to make a real updo, you should have a 360 lace wig or a full lace wig.


A 360 lace wig has lace across the whole circumference of the wig, as well as a wig cap in the middle. Since the lace blends in with your scalp, you can wear your hair in a ponytail or a bun.

Depending on where you buy the wig, the style of hair, and the weight, they will cost anything from $150 to over $400 according to most designers.


Since the lace mimics the appearance of your scalp, you don’t have to think about the tracks beneath appearing, so you can style it however you want. However, they can be very costly, anywhere from $200 to well over $600.

If you don’t want to wear your hair in a high ponytail or a sloppy bun, we suggest getting a lace front wig rather than a ready-to-wear wig.

A lace front wig is more pricey than a ready-to-wear wig (they range from $150 to over $400, whereas ready-to-wear wigs cost $50 to $200), but it gives you more styling choices since it has a 4×4 inch lace closure in the front.


The Four Different Kinds Of Wigs


  1.  Sooola Body Wave Wig With Bangs
  2.  Mayvenn Lace Front Wig
  3.  Mayvenn 360 Wig
  4.  Full Arabella Hair Full Lace Wig



A real hair wig is more expensive than a fake wig, but it’s well worth it if you want to have some fun styling it. A wig allows you to change up your look without causing damage to your natural hair. Only remember that, even if it isn’t your own hair, you can always handle it with care if you want it to look shiny and safe.

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