Reservation Numbers For The 256 Gb And 512 Gb Variants Of The Valve Steam Deck Have Been Leaked



The Valve Steam Deck

Reservations for Valve’s Steam Deck, a portable gaming PC, began barely an hour ago. The reservation numbers for the 512 GB model have been revealed. Users from North America appear to have booked the most reservations, with 55,000 total. In addition to NA, European Union users made 9,600 reservations, while UK users made 7,000.

The 256 GB variant has 28,000 orders from North America and 5,000 reservations from Europe.

This reservation system was implemented by Valve to prevent bots and resellers from obtaining Steam Decks. Scaling has become a major issue in recent years, particularly with Nvidia 30 series graphics cards. This, along with the fact that hardware output is already low, has resulted in unparalleled market scarcity.

Users will be placed in a queue for Steam Deck if they pay the $5 reservation fee. Valve will begin shipping to people based on the queue on a first come, first served basis once the product is ready in December of this year.

What Does The Reservation Data For The First Hour Of Steam Deck 256 And 512 Gb Versions Mean?

The first hour’s statistics, even for one of the three models, are insufficient to convey the entire picture. It’s still debatable whether Valve was successful in capturing the handheld gaming market, or whether there is a significant need.

Valve’s aggressive price on all three Steam Deck models, on the other hand, is unquestionably good news for the end user. The $399 Steam Deck is ideal for anyone looking to get their feet wet in PC gaming. The $529 and $699 variants, with their larger and quicker storage, are unquestionably strong value propositions for users.



Gabe Newell, Valve’s President, stated that the company’s goal with Steam Deck is to open the way for future products from other companies. Other hardware manufacturers are undoubtedly studying the Steam Deck’s sales figures.

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Users from the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom are the only ones who can reserve a Steam Deck. While these users will be the first to receive Steam Decks when they are released in December 2021, Valve has stated that Steam Decks will be made available to more locations in 2022.



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