Is Carrie Bradshaw Ditching Her ‘It’ Bags in Favor of NPR Totes?



The character who launched a dozen ‘It’ bag trends was Carrie Bradshaw. Her early adoption of the Fendi baguette both transformed the product into a hot seller and fashion trendsetters Sex and the City’s capabilities. The fictional journalist has also managed to provide a Dior saddlebag, a Gucci belt bag, and several logo bags with monogramming, as well as Hermés Birkin, over the years. Of course, we all know that their greatest passion for accessories was a shoe, but when it came to something on her arm.

But the paparazzi photos in the following series And Just Like That… currently being filmed seem to indicate a shocking development. The favorite bag of Bradshaw’s is not burned with a designer’s logo, but with WNYC, the NPR affiliate of New York City. Has the woman that once said, “It’s not just a bag! It’s a Fendi!” suddenly a charity drive tote bag girl without a trace of irony?

The character of Sarah Jessica Parker is apparently Carrie with two different kinds of bags from WNYC that she wear with several outfits. Whilst this might be a personal style of SJP slipping between scenes, we didn’t spot the performer in the wild with these totes. Parker was also taken to show himself with a personal backpack at least once.

Is Carrie Bradshaw ditching her 'It' bags in favor of NPR totes?
Is Carrie Bradshaw ditching her ‘It’ bags in favor of NPR totes?


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The Dior and Chanel handbags have already been found by Kristin Davis’s Charlotte York Goldenblatt. Even the vintage Bottega Veneta clutch of Cynthia Nixon Miranda Hobbes was seen with what appears to be. However, Bradshaw was “it” bagless until now. Set photos also show the character with a couple of other bags, but none of the major designers are easily identified. No Bottega, Balenciaga or Gucc Jackie are found. There is no Bottega pouch. Neither hold your breath for a Telfar bag.



They can’t always tell the whole story as attractive as on-set paparazzi photographs are. For example, the producers of the new Gossip Girl had an additional set of clothes available for the outdoor shoots of actress Tavi Gevinson so that the first episode wouldn’t take the most important turn.

The show has been shot only for over a week, so it is plausible that only one episode can be some kind of great fashion plot.

Still, it would make a certain amount of sense for Bradshaw to have undergone some sort of major fashion shift. She’s no longer the 30-something, status-obsessed columnist whose biggest dreams are ahead of her. She’s conquered the whole Vogue contributor, billionaire’s wife fantasy already, but it doesn’t seem like her story is over just yet. While she still seems to care about putting together an outfit, it could track that she’s done with her days of chasing and setting trends. According to early rumors, it also seems that Bradshaw has a new career that would have her idolizing NPR hosts as opposed to fashion editors. Slight spoiler alert, but apparently she has a podcast now.


Still, Bradshaw would make some sense to have undergone some kind of major mode shift. She is not more the thirty-somewhat obsessed status-columnist with her greatest dreams ahead. She has already won over the entire contributor of Vogue, the fantasy of a billionaire’s wife, but it does not look as her story is just over. Although she still appears to be interested in building equipment, she could track her chasing days and trends. According to early rumors, Bradshaw appears to have a new career in contrast with fashion publishers, which would have her idolatrous NPR hosts. Little spoiler warning, but now it’s obviously got a podcast.

Besides, it’s always been true that the real ‘it’ bags of choice for those who have worked at a newspaper are a trusty NPR or New Yorker tote anyway.


And we’ve got our first Carrie sighting with a confirmed designer bag just like that, but it’s not only any designer bag. It’s the same metal bag that she wore in the original show all those years ago. It’s a development which is interesting. Though we have learned that the other non-WNYC bags seen in the wardrobe of Bradshaw are vintage too (though, not necessarily ones she wore on the original show). The Bradshaw character is still possible with a new handbag ethos: tote bags are one, but they are also shopping for their own wardrobe and vintage stores instead of going shopping for the hottest bag right from the start.



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